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Just to Give You an Idea of How Lacking Our Education Can Be...

Watch this video. It’s all the rage on the YouTubes right now.

I was born and raised in commie lefty pinko Soviet Canuckistan where the healthcare flows like the maple syrup flows from our trees. I never heard of this guy until this past week thanks to the YouTube algorithm gaining a moment of sanity and showing me something that wasn’t a 45 minute rant by a guy in an dumb hat telling me that feminists are trying to take away his ability to masturbate to anime.


At least I’m sure it’s just the algorithm and not three years of a racist president emboldening racist cops.

And I’m pretty sure they’re angry that they’re not allowed to masturbate but it’s hard to figure out exactly what those boys are angry about.


But back to James Baldwin. You’d think our commie lefty pinko textbook-makers would have spared him a paragraph or two given how much we like to laugh up our sleeves at American racism.

While politely ignoring how badly we’ve always treated the first nations and Sikhs. Our sleeves are pretty short up north.


Anyway, great video. As timely today as it was... half a century ago?! Jumping Jesus Christ on a pogo stick!

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